AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

Researcher, Inventor, innovator, Discoverer

Founder, Yujom Life Science


World’s first and only one AntahKaran Scientist

AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

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_AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit Profile

20+ Years Independent Research & Experience by

AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

  • The Science of Soul & Supreme Soul (Aatmā & Parmātmā)
  • The Science of Pure Soul Self Realization
  • The Science of AntahKaran™ (Mind-Intellect-Consciousness-Ego)
  • The Science of Birth & Rebirth
  • The Science of Cosmic Power
  • The Eternal Element Time & Space, with the relation to Aatmā & Body
  • The Science of Eternal Elements, which is run the world.
  • The Theory of Relativity
  • The Theory of Reality
  • The Theory Absolutism (The Science of the Absolute Creator of the Universe)
  • The Law of Karma (Law of Action)
  • The Law of Nature (Law of Mother Prakriti)
  • The VāniVignān® (Speech Karma Science)
  • The Scientific Theory of Santān Vaishvik Bhāratva & Bhārat Aatma-Gnān Vignān
  • 4yog® Yoga – Integration of the four main stream of yoga
  • Shrimad Bhārat Bhagavad Gitā – Applied Spiritual Science
  • My 2i(ii) Who am i?!® – Real & Relative Self Consciousness Science
  • Param Parmānu – Eternal Subtle Atomic Molecules of Human Existence© (Discovery)
  • Kalpdroom® Science (Invention)
  • DreamSleep® (Innovation in Yoga)

Education Qualification

  • Pharmacy from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Registered Pharmacist, Gujarat State Pharmacy Council (GSPC).
  • Post Graduate Diploma Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition from Medvarsity, Hyderabad, Appolo Group of Hospital.
  • RD – Registered Dietitian Intern, IDA, at Dhiraj Multi Speciality Hospital with 50 + Case Studies with Differet Diseases.
  • Diploma in Yoga from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval, Guajrat.
  • Ramayan Evam Vyaktitva Vikas Course from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Guajrat.
  • 16 Sanskar Course from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Guajrat.
  • Sanskrit Vakyabhyas Course from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Guajrat.
  • YIC from S-Vyasa University, Bangalore.
  • BA in Yoga (Karma-Gyan-Bhakti Yoga) from Lakulish Yoga University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • MA in Yoga (Karma-Gyan-Bhakti Yoga)* from Lakulish Yoga University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • MA in Hindu Studies* from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat.


Presentation & Publication

  • At National, Asian, International – Philosophical, Yoga & Spiritual Coferences.
  • Articals in International Books, New papers and News medias.

We are giving (Our Services)


  • The Kalpdroom Science System for Intergrated ‘well-being & persoanality development’, ‘happy, peaceful & joyful’ life celebration, with thyself & others.
  • Seminar & Workshops at Schools, Colleges, Universities., Organizations, Corporates offices & Industries.
  • Counselling & Consulting to Individuals, Students, Couples, Parents, Businessmen, Employees , Professionals etc..
  • UGC Affilated State University VNSGU has certified his course ‘Personal AntahKaran™ Management Science (PAMS) Kalpdroom® as per guideline of National Education policy 2020 under multidisciplinary & holistic education.
  • PAMS Kalpdroom® – Personal AntahKaran™ Managment Science Kalpdroom, Online Private Certificate Course
  • CAMSS Kalpdroom® – Child’s AntahKaran™ Managment Science & System, Online Courses.
  • DreamSleep® Yognidrasana®, dynamic, yogic sleeping practice, for three way, stress (mental, emotional & muscular stress) relaxation, and to increase, focus in study & work, with more than 20+ scientific benefits.



Integration of 10 Sciences – For Holistic Integrated Personality Development

·       4yog® yoga science ·       Cultural science
·       Mind science ·       Quantum science
·       Intellect science ·       Spiritual science
·       Emotion science ·       Holistic science
·       Cosmic science ·       Social science