Vignāni Lalit

Researched by Vignāni Scientist Lalit  

  1. Kalpdroom® Science System (Invention)
  2. DreamSleep® (Innovation in Yoga)
  3. Param Parmānu – Eternal Subtle Atomic Molecules of Human Existence© (Discovery)
  4. The Science of Soul & Supreme Soul (Aatmā & Parmātmā)
  5. The Science of Pure Soul Self Realization
  6. The Science of AntahKaran (Conscience) – Mind, Intellect, Consciousness & Ego.
  7. The Science of Birth & Rebirth
  8. The Science of Cosmic Power
  9. The Eternal Element Time & Space, with the relation to Aatmā & Body.
  10. The Science of Eternal Elements, which is run the world.
  11. The Theory of Relativity
  12. The Theory of Reality
  13. The Theory Absolutism
  14. The Law of Karma (Law of Action)
  15. The Law of Nature (Law of Mother Prakriti)
  16. The VāniVignān® (Speech Karma Science)
  17. The Scientific Theory of Bhāratva (Vaishvikatva) & Bhārat Aatma-Gnān Vignān
  18. 4yog® Yoga – Integration of the four main stream of yoga
  19. Shrimad Bhārat Bhagavad Gitā – Applied Spiritual Science
  20. Akram Vigyan – As an applied science – (Revealed by Dada Bhagavan)
  21. My 2i(ii) Who am i?!® – Real & Relative Self Science
  22. Pancham Veda (Creator, Creation & Creatures)



Integration of 10 Sciences – For Holistic Integrated Personality Development


·       4yog® yoga science ·       Cultural science
·       Mind science ·       Quantum science
·       Intellect science ·       Spiritual science
·       Emotion science ·       Holistic science
·       Cosmic science ·       Social science

Sample e-Kalpdroom with Table Stand Frame