AntahKaran Vignani™ Scientist Lalit

AntahKaran Vignani™ Scientist Lalit

AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

Introduction of , profile of  AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

  • His Born and brought up: Surat, Gujarat, India.

Proud Citizen of India.

  • His Quality & Purity of Life (Character)

His is born & brought up in Adhyatmik Family, and he has maintained his purity of mind, speech and body since childhood successfully up to today (inner & outer).

  • His Qualification

He is para medical healthcare professional with degree in Pharmacy from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidya Nagar and degrees in various streams of yoga from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University & Lakulish Yoga University Gujarat and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Sanstha University, Bangalore.

  • His Independent Research Profile

He his discoverer, inventor, innovator and researcher on human life science. He has researched on 20 subjects/topics/system* since 2004. After 15 years of research, he started to give this science with name Kalpdroom Science from 2019.

  • Organization Profile

He is founder of the Yujom Life Science

  • Credibility

He has present and publish his papers in national, asian and international conferences. He has given this science to thousands of peoples directly, indirectly via various platforms.

  • Something no one knows about him

He is world’s first & only one scientist with the discovery, invention and innovation in human life science on the basis of Indian Ancient texts with the pure soul self-realisation and Shruti/Apaurusheya in & for modern era.

Researched by AntahKaran Vignāni® Scientist Lalit  

  1. The Science of Soul & Supreme Soul (Aatmā & Parmātmā)
  2. The Science of Pure Soul Self Realization
  3. The Science of AntahKaran (Conscience)
  4. The Science of Birth & Rebirth
  5. The Science of Cosmic Power
  6. The Eternal Element Time & Space, with the relation to Aatmā & Body.
  7. The Science of Eternal Elements, which is run the world.
  8. The Theory of Relativity
  9. The Theory of Reality
  10. The Theory Absolutism
  11. The Law of Karma (Law of Action)
  12. The Law of Nature (Law of Mother Prakriti)
  13. The VāniVignān® (Speech Karma Science)
  14. The Scientific Theory of Bhāratism (Vaishvikism) & Bhārat Aatma-Gnān Vignān
  15. 4yog® Yoga – Integration of the four main stream of yoga
  16. Shrimad Bhārat Bhagavad Gitā – Applied Spiritual Science
  17. My 2i(ii) Who am i?!® – Real & Relative Self Science
  18. Param Parmānu – Eternal Subtle Atomic Molecules of Human Existence© (Discovery)
  19. Kalpdroom® Science (Invention)
  20. DreamSleep® (Innovation in Yoga)

Diagram of the Kalpdroom Science

Integration of 10 Sciences – For Holistic Integrated Personality Development

Mind science


Intellect science


Emotion science





4yog® yoga science