Dear Rich Friend!, Problem of Human Being after Richness

Dear Rich Friend!, Problem of Human Being after Richness

Dear Rich Friend!, Problem of Human Being after Richness

Author: Scientist Lalit, 5 am (IST) 05 September, 2021

Reason for this post:

I just seen video of one young guy, who had cardiac arrest and died on the spot. So for health prevention awareness I am publishing this post. Please read and share in your groups.

Dear Rich Friend!

‘Human’s problem after Richness (prosperity)’

Subtle stress is very dangerous for humans, sometimes humans can’t accept or catch that he/she is suffering from subtle stress!. One of the main reason to rejection is ‘negative ego’.
Apart from food and another factors, Subtle Stress is also one of the reason for cardiac (heart) diseases, stroke, diabetes, stomach problems, insomnia, cancer etc.

‘My Story to Solve ‘Health & Wellness’ Problem of Human Being’

(To catch and solve the problem!)
That’s why, as a para medical healthcare and yoga professional, since 2004 my research was on holistic health, conscience and applied spirituality for people’s overall health! finally, i have found one of the supportive sciences as a practically applied solution which can help for ‘health prevention & cure’.

i am not a medical doctor and i am not giving or claiming for any treatments to cure any diseases or disorder. However, i can help to peoples for inner & outer wellness through our ancient Indian yogic and applied spiritual science.

i can support medical doctors with their treatments by giving the spiritual well-being of patients.

‘Need to shake-hand together to take action’

To live life holistically healthy every one should know & understand the ‘Root Causes of Miseries’.

Some people are aware (conscious) but not complete conscious, peoples have conscience but not have a healthy conscience!

‘Now we need to take action ‘consciously and with spirituality awareness’ for health prevention and cure’.

We give the science for knowing the ‘Root Cause of Miseries’. We also give the ‘Scientific Solution with System’ for the ‘Destroying the Root Cause of Miseries’.

Based on my independent research (Kalpdroom®️ Science) and Pure Soul Self Realization I found scientific solution and system. Which can help peoples to stay healthy holistically (inner and outer).

‘Scientific Solution, System & Process’

I am giving following services professionally via various platforms.

  1. Stress Relaxation DreamSleep®️ Yognidrasana®️
  2. Conscience Screening, Counselling & Consulting (I.e., ‘system and process’ of ‘mind, intellect, consciousness & ego’)
  3. 4yog™️ Meditation
  4. My 2i(ii) who am i?!™️ (Pure Soul Self Realization Science)
  5. ReBirthPlanning™️ (Science of Rebirth for next life) – (After 40 years)

“If *health is wealth* then *illness is dearth* – Scientist Lalit

What’s your choice, Wealth or Dearth ?!”

Choice is yours!

Thank you

Your Spiritual Friend

Scientist Lalit

(Yujom™️ Life Science)

5th September 2021.


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