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Human Psychology and Para-psychology, conscience and consciousness development field is upcoming trillion dollar industry.

We are unique in this field with our independent research with applied system.

We are inviting to investors to become our partner in our upcoming private limited company.

Conscience AntahKaran™ & Super Consciousness Development Science Research Centre International. 

CASCODS Private Limited.

Company formation.

200 x 5 Cr. = 1000 Cr.

Minimum Investment Amount Per Share = ₹6.25 Crores (INR) or $751000 (USD). (Before January 2024)

Maximum Shares = 200

Maximum Share Holders = 200

Maximum Shares per Person = 10

Company’s future goal: 1 Lakh crores by 2047.

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Vigyani Lalit

+91 96 38 97 99 999

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