Terms & Conditions for Affiliate Partner

Terms & Conditions for Affiliate Partner

Opportunity Partnership Percentage Sharing with Terms & Conditions

All are exclusive i.e. Not Allowed any other job or business with this partnership opportunity


Sr. No. Type Percentage of Received Amount by YLS


If forward to another partner or YLS


1 Coaching 40% 20%
2 Referral A 20% 10%
3 Referral B 10% 5%
4 Referral C 5% 2.5%


TDS applied

Applied Terms & Conditions

  • All rights including trademarks, copyrights are reserved by Yujom Life Science
  • Sharing may or may not applied on renewals, it’s depending on active status of affiliate partner
  • Annual Renewal Agreement
  • Any party can cancel this agreement any time by giving prior notification
  • Subject to Surat Jurisdiction

Terms & Conditions for Affiliate Partners