Well-being for Cancer Patient

We gives well-being to cancer patients

What we give;

  • Self-Realization Process to develop spiritual power – My2i(ii) Who am i?!® 
  • DreamSleep® Practice for Stress Relaxation.
  • AntahKaran™ Counselling for Mental, Physical & Emotional Well-being

How we give;

  • Self-Realization (In Person, One Time Process)
  • DreamSleep® (Online)
  • AntahKaran™ Counselling (On Video Call, One to Three Video Call)


  • Three Months (One Seating for Self-Realization, Nine Live Sessions for DreamSleep, and Three Video Calls)
  • Six Months (One Seating for Self-Realization, Eighteen Live Sessions for DreamSleep, and Six Video Calls)
  • Twelve Months (One Seating for Self-Realization, Twenty Seven Live Sessions for DreamSleep, and Twelve Video Calls)


Three Months:

  • Within Surat City: ₹127998 (at Vigyan House)
  • Within Gujarat State: ₹255996 (Home Visit, One Time)
  • Within India: ₹511992 (Home Visit, One Time)

Six and Twelve Months:

  • Multiply with Three Months